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When I first begun to talk to Andy

by Leanne


When I first begun to talk to Andy, I realised that he had a lot of life experiences which he wanted the public to be made aware about in order for them to understand and perhaps you could say that he wanted to make individuals sit up and challenge the issues which he explained.

He wanted and still challenges societies stereotypes daily. Andy is not by any stretch of the imagination a sufferer he is a survivor, who I feel proud and privileged to call one of my fiends.

The support Andy gives is at times overwhelming and exhausting! His enthusiasm about all aspects of life astound me at times.

When I read a poem I have written over the phone to Andy the excitement and praise I receive would make you high if it was within the atmosphere.

Recently I was told by Andy that I gave him that proverbial kick up the backside to upload a web site onto the Internet, but I don't view it that way.

Andy's site is excellent, so bright and cheerful, serious when required but yet Andy's personality is clearly evident throughout.

If the joy and positively was chicken pox it would be infectious and contagious! Smoking is said to be a drug and an addictive substance, but what is Andy's excuse?

He is a person and his site is a reality taste, so how are these the same as drugs? Well, both are addictive.

All that is left to say is Andy I admire you. You are courageous and strong, you are a fighter and a champion. Never lose sight of your dreams.

Please don't forget your past as it gave you valuable experiences from which you can prevent others from experience negativity.

Love and hugs






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