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To Free the Dragon

by Anna Evans whose dyslexic/dyspraxic.
Poem copyright Anna Evans
With drawing of dragon by Chris copyright.


Drawing of dragon breathing fire by Chris Hayes.

To Free the Dragon


In the classroom of your sorrow,
When ambition is your will
But the textbook is a mystery
And their dreams you cant fulfil
They say you just don't concentrate
But you're otherwise engaged
Too busy trying to catch
Those scrabbled scribbles
That keep jumping off the page
And yet you never seem to understand
And you catch without success
So all those scribbled scrambles
Land up in a scrambled mess
So you throw your pen down hard
Fold your arms and drift away
Hoping that you'll understand
And prove them wrong one day
And when feeling really low
Like you're walking in a maze
Look out there, out of the window
See the dragon catch your gaze.
Now they'd say that that's ridiculous,
That dragons are absurd,
But only you can see up high
That that's a dragon, not a bird.
And so you hear that silent roar
And you know you're halfway there
For when you climb upon dragon's back
He'll take you anywhere
He'll take to some far off land,
A magic Kingdom in the sky
So they tease you when you try to run
But if only they could see you fly.
And yet he could be anything
He could be friend or foe
For a dragon is a feared beast
And for some that fear shows
But if only you could make the peace
And see the joy he brings
For you could conquer any mountain
When the dragon beats his wings.
He'll take you to that magic steam
The rainbow underneath the sea
Oh if only they could realise
And leave the dragon be
But no, they want to find the beast
For they are on a dragon hunt
Out to slay the dragon
And turn the child back to front
And they want to catch the dragon
And they'll try and knock him dead
So you begin to wonder
If it's just inside your head
And you want to say about the dragon
But they'll say dragons don't exist
So alone you stumble onwards
Still groping in the mist


And the frustration seems to never end
So you want to scream and Shout
To free what lies within
And to let that Dragon out
But deep within the dungeon,
Those shouts cannot be heard
Because the dragon bound with numbers
Caged with lines and locked with words
And chains wrap round his potent wings
And he'll stumble and he'll fall
So wow betide the mighty dragon
Chained to the dungeon wall.
But you know that you can make it
If only you could try
To cure they're disbelieving
And prove that dragons fly
But their journey is an easy one
For them the path is straight
And so they run ahead in front
They haven't time to wait
But the dragon takes a different route
Through blue hills and, golden fields
With a pride that is only his to have
And a will that never yields
It takes him over mountains
Past the moon and via Mars
Dream the dragon anywhere
And he'll take you to the stars.
And the dragon grows as you grow
Just give the dragon time
To prove himself a master
And a creature so sublime
For a dragon's born for battle
And so let this dragon fight
Allow the chains to crumble
And the flame within ignite
For when the dragons ready
And you've learnt to just ignore
When the proof is laying on white paper
And you've broken teachers law
Because one day it will happen
The day the that you aspire
Cos what it all comes down to
Is that red pen's no match for fire
And so when they see the dragon
Then they know they must believe
In all that you are good for
And in all you can achieve.
And so you have accepted
That The Dragon 's part of you
And that the time has come
To make the myth come true
So heres the final chapter
Where you find the golden key 
And with all your power, might and glory
Set the Dragon. …………………………………………FREE 





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