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by Mary


Hi Andy

I have been popping in and out of your sit for some time and it's really great so full of information, congratulations to you and Chris, and Thanks for taking the time to share it with others in a similar situation.

Until July 1998 my son aged 8 years was being Educated in an LEA school his last school report that year read along these lines, "participates well in all group discussions, needs to concentrate on his writing and reading skills, has been known as the class clown and the teachers little space man". My husbands job has brought us abroad since then and he is now in a private British education system. Within weeks of coming out here it was picked up that he is Dyslexic/Mildly Dyspraxic. I had never heard of Dyspraxia but because it was mild decided to concentrate on his Dyslexia. A year went by and his spelling and reading improved but his writing was still no better. We saw an Educational Psychologist who suggested we returned to the UK and have the Dyspraxia Assessed at The Discovery Centre in Cardiff. It was found that he has floppy muscles a major contribution to not being able to write properly. I suggested Voice Activated Software but they said that the! y would not recommend going down this route for boys until after their voice had broken. Apparently if boys become reliant on this method and their voices start to break the software will not pick up the same sounds programmed to activate it because the voice is not consistent with it's sounds or pitch. This was three years ago I don't know if technology has improved sufficiently to cater for this but I just thought that other people should be aware of this before they start spending out lots of money to purchase this software

I have always watched my sons habits, likes and dislikes quite fascinating and whilst surfing the net came across a site for Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I was able to find An Occupational Therapist who specialised in this area and after another assessment it was found that my son has problems with his Vestibular Sense. One very good book I can recommend is "The Out of Sync Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz. Where do you stop, well I stop here all my questions have been answered and my son is getting as much help as I can give him now all I need to do is help my son achieve his 'O' levels with the aid of a lap top.

Hope some of this info can help others,

Mary in the U.A.E
PS My son is not an only child his brother is also out here sitting his Mock 'O' levels at the moment.

Received on: 7th January 2002





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