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Hi Andy

I am a mum to 9 children, all who I love with all my heart. 4 of my children are adopted, they are my husband's natural kids. His eldest child was 3 when we got together he had another that was 2 and twin boys aged 1. The kids loved me straight away, and to me we all bonded.2 years past and one of the twins began to have behavioural problems, at first I put it down to the terrible 2s, then when he was 5 we was accused of neglect as he wasn't growing at the rate doctors believed he should grow at. his twin was only 2 lb. heavier than him but they had no concern about him. They said we was emotionally abusing him because of his behaviour and him failing to thrive. He has now seen a growth specialist who has no concerns. He has seen a psychologist who has said he has got attachment 
disorder due to me not being his mum, he has also seen a psychiatrist who says he has got o.d.d (oppositional defiency disorder) In 98 our son threatened to kill his baby brothers, I could not sleep eat or drink with the worry so I went to see my G.p. who said it should not be me he is treating its our son. He referred him to a psychiatrist, and also social services. They came out to see us and said if we put him in care he would get an assessment done quicker.


That was21 months ago, whilst he's been in care they have told him I am not his natural mum. They have now got a full care order on him as I have supposed to have been cruel to him in many ways. The court ordered a guardian to do a report . She agreed he should not come home because of the attachment disorder he has supposed to have got. We could not have a second opinion, as we was questioning A.D.D. Now I have lost my son and he has lost the only mum he ever knew, We can only see him once a month for up to 2 hours. Last year we saw him for 9 hours in total. Now I am left empty and guilty for not being there for the first year of his life. Because of professionals ignorance my family are suffering, when all we wanted was for our child to be properly assessed. My heart goes out to you and your family.


falling angel





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