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Inherent Grace

Award Winning Poem
by Luke, copyright
Who has severe dyslexia.
Composed by Luke when he was 12 years of age.



Inherent Grace

You move like a soft silky scarf
with effortless grace and agility
the ease and self assurance is inherent
to those watching you perform

Blue Chiffon clings to every curve
matching the colour of your glorious eyes
the dance of the elegant swan is outstanding
Riveting the audience to their seats
as the music becomes livelier
the dancing becomes breathless

Your hair swirls like a golden shimmer
and the audience wishes eternity would come
eternity arrives and the dance is finished
like a summer flower you have blossomed this performance
to their feet the audience rise
thunderous applause reaches you
like a bolt of lightening
you come back to this world.



This poem composed by Luke when he was 12 years of age. Luke won a silver merit award from the American Poetry Society, for this poem. Luke has a very significant severe dyslexia difficulty. However no shortage of talent that clearly shows how valuable dyslexic members of society can be. Well done Luke hi2u proudly display your poem for society to appreciate. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so. We would like to wish you every success for your future with your poetry skills.



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