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Why is the world like it is?

Poem by Kelly O'Neill who is dyslexic.
17 years old and a college student.



Why is the world like it is?
Everyone is different, special in their own way.
why does that not apply to me?
why do you look at me in that way?

I'm the shy one, problems I have many
you don't understand me
why is she different you ask,
Well I don't understand me either,
but I'm special in my own way.

I think and learn and do,
all in a different way.
just because I have a problem
People don't think before they say.

I try my very best,
but no one understands
I was blessed not burdened.
Don't you understand?
it's not my fault you know,
I didn't ask for this.

but try I will and try I mite
and triumph I hopefully do.

it takes awhile to understand
DYSLEXIA you ask

yes and I will make you understand
because special I am

Why is the world like it is?





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