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Kelly's Story

"Don't be ashamed you are different, so what? You're special too!"



My name is Kelly I'm a 17 year old dyslexic and this is my story.

I guess I should start at the start. (Excuse the spelling)

I started talking early which is strange for a dyslexic (although I do like to talk) and I was walking on time to. Crawling was a problem I couldn't co-ordinate myself properly so I ended up going backwards. Funny at the time but looking back it was probably the 1st sign of my difficulties.

I didn't go to a nursery but my Nan was a teacher and my mum spent lots of time teaching me spelling and maths. So when I went to reception (1st year of school) I was the only one that could right my name. Which again you wouldn't expect from a dyslexic.

So it seemed I was doing quit well till we started times tables and spelling things like tutankhamoon (Egyptian person probably pelt rong)

I spelt it right for the test because id go threw it with mum 5mins before the test but the next day it was gone.  That's why no one new I had a problem.

When it came to my SATS tests at the end of junior school I got really bad grades and was told I should be in the bottom set in high school. It was decided, despite this I would go in the middle set. So I struggled threw but did generally ok.

In year 10 (age 15) I was put in a top set for some lessons which I found surprising, but I started having spelling lessons. (Still no one realised I was dyslexic)

I just scraped my GCSE's with c' and d's I was quit happy but thought I should have done a bit better. Maybe it was just stress I decided.

So in 2002 I started an AVCE in health and social care at college. I was so proud I got on an advanced course, I also decided to do an As level in sociology. I them joined the student council. The person who organises it is dyslexic and during a residential noticed some tendencies in me.

By now he had suggested that I might be dyslexic and so had my boyfriend. So I got myself tested and in October 2002 I finally new.

I wasn't stupid at all, I was special. So what I'm dyslexic? That's not a bad thing. I have an above average IQ and my brain in similar to that of Albert Einstein. And my favourite actress Woopie Goldberg.

I'm now about to finish the 1st year of my AVCE that will leave me with the equivalent to 1 A level. I'm finding it very difficult so im not staying for the second year in stead im going to do a modern appretiship. Ill get paid get a qualification and be much happier because it's more hands on that academic. Hopefully in 3 years im going to university to do social work.

Fingers crossed by the time im 23 I will be qualified then I will be doing what iv always wonted, helping others.

If there is one thing I could say to other dyslexics it would be:
Don't be ashamed you are different, so what? You're special too!
You have a better in site to life and more creative than average so don't hide it. Make people understand






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