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What is the British Dyslexia Association?

by Judith Stansfield
a BDA volunteer on the Computer Committee


The BDA is an information organisation set up to support those with Dyslexia and their families, supporters and carers.

The mission statement is:

‘To create a dyslexia-friendly society so that all dyslexic people have the opportunity to achieve their full potential’

The BDA has 89 local associations where a group of local people provide help. They organise talks and meetings on coping with dyslexia and related matters to support people near their homes.

They also have 134 supporting corporate members who have business interests related to providing services, books, software, schooling and research into dyslexia.

They have a register of schools which provide a variety of support for dyslexic pupils.

There are 2 special interest groups that are manned by expert volunteers:

  1. BDA Computer Committee - reviewing hardware and software solutions, producing related booklets and organising seminars and workshops at conferences, both nationally and locally
  2. BDA Music Committee

At least half of the membership of these committees are dyslexic people.

The National Office is in Reading. There are full-time, part-time and volunteer workers based there. Most of them have a personal interest in dyslexia, either because they are dyslexic themselves or have a relative who is dyslexic.

Their work involves:


For more detailed information of the range of BDA provision,
visit the

or ring the
0118 966 8271

This item was written by Judith Stansfield a BDA volunteer on the Computer Committee

This article was received on 11th March 2004.




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