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What is voice recognition software?

by Andy Hayes, copyright


Many people who know me, know that I use voice recognition software. So I am often being asked, what is voice recognition software. Then I'm asked whether it is simple to use and what is the best software to get.

Voice recognition software lets you talk to your computer using a microphone normally on a headset. This software lets you dictate letters and as you talk the words appear on the word processor. Some voice recognition software also allows you to navigate around your computer like what you can do with your mouse. It's like magic however it isn't always easy to set up and keep working.

I have a severe dyslexia difficulty and rely on the use of voice recognition software to compose written information you see on the "hi2u for people with hidden impairments" Web site. It's not quite the same as talking to a person! I had to talk clearly and carefully not too fast so that the words don't become joined together as you pronounce them. Sometimes this software doesn't recognise the word you're saying or perhaps wrongly recognising words you have said. So it inserts the wrong word into your document there are correction facilities to use if this happens! Providing you noticed it has happened!

Some voice recognition software has text to speech facilities. This can be used to get a computer to read text to you. I find this very valuable I use the text to speech facilities to read my e-mail that I received. I also use this facility to read work I have compose using voice recognition software to help me find mistakes. However the text to speech software is slightly robotic sounding and therefore some words don't come out the same way we say them. So mistakes may still go through to the hi2u web site because I don't notice these mistakes. This can be awkward for people reading information I have compose with voice recognition software. Because words are spelt properly however they could be wrong words! Where the voice recognition software didn't recognise what I was saying. This can be made much worse if I have a nasty bug or saw throat.

However it is extremely valuable for me. It gives me an opportunity to participate with the world of written information. Not forgetting the opportunity to build the "hi2u for people with hidden impairments" Web site. Which wouldn't be possible for me to do without this software.

I hope this gives you an idea of what is voice recognition software? I will continue to tell you what types of software I use and providing information about voice recognition software. As I develop this page further.

This page was compose using DragonDictate naturally speaking version 5. On the 3rd January 2002. By Andy Hayes, copyright



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